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  • Mini Fix
    Easy and rapid installation. Half turn locking. Cutter size: Ø15mm. Flat pack C.K.D. fitting with pre-drilling. Cap available for concealed fitting. Housing available for 12, 16, 18 & 25 mm boards. New Dowel Pin is push fit in a Ø8mm hole. New Minifix screw diecast is available...
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  • Self Tapping Inserts
    Used to join furniture cabinets and cupboards of particle board. Furniture can be knocked down and reassembled in no time. Finish : Zinc Plated ..
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  • Dowel Fix
    Easy to fit by hand and concealed. Has a special tooth lock washer which prevents disassembly Used to join cabinets, drawer fronts, shelves and any furniture with 90º or parallel joints. Ideal for flat pack furniture before assembly. ..
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  • M4 Sleeve Connecting Screw
    M4 Screws and Sleeves are Nickel plated for good aesthetics. Used to join boards of various thickness. Also acts as a dowel. ..
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  • Ø5mm Insert Screw
    Used in Ø5mm drill holes with self tapping screws. Used with Hinges and Drawer Slides for better pull-out strength. Supplied with screws. ..
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  • Modular Clip
    To eliminate dove tail joints. Reusable and ideal for knock down furniture. ..
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  • Shelf Cam
    These are easy to use fittings and are used for connecting shelves and sides of cabinets. This saves on assembly time as the shelves can be fitted easily from front or from above into the carcass of the cabinet. The fittings sits inside a Ø20 mm cavity, 12.5 mm deep. The screw is fitted on ..
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  • Right Angle Block
    Ideal for joining cabinets at right angles. Manufactured out of durable plastic and designed for strength. These blocks also match the colour inside the cabinets. Has no corrosion. Special integral cover, conceals screws. ..
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  • Right Angle Block Eco
    Economy option for quick right angle connections. Dimension 18 mm x 20 mm. ..
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  • Block Connector Fittings
    Simple and sturdy construction Can be used with solid wood as well as particle board. 'System-32' compatible. Manufactured out of Nylon. ..
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  • Table Connector
    Ideal for quickly connecting or disconnecting tables and table leaves for office layouts and to build work stations. The product has compact size and is easy to store and transport. Manufactured out of hardened spring steel with austempering for long life and durability. System 32 compatibl..
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