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  • Door Wedge
    Made of special grade impurity-free natural rubber. Designed to function on all types of floors, used to front and back position to stop doors wherever desired. ..
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  • Wall Shelf Rod
    Special wall mounting shelf rods. Rods are completely concealed after fitting. Rods are made of steel & hardened for strength. Easy to fit. ..
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  • Sliding Cabinet Shutter Fittings
    Ideal for sliding cabinet shutters. Special rollers for smooth silent running. Anodized Aluminium rails for long life. Eccentric arrangement for gap setting. PVC rail also available. ..
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  • Sliding Folding Fittings
    Ideal for cupboards and cabinets where space is a constraint. Shutter number can be increased in multiples of two i.e. 2, 4, 6, etc for larger areas. Weight of each shutter should not exceed 25 kgs. ..
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